About The Game

Drag Racer V3 - a really cute game for those who love fast cars and races. Lets find how skillful driver you are

Your Mission

Your mission in this game is to win the race. The key to success is to switch gears correctly and use all power of the engine.


[Up]/[Down] : Shift Up/Down
[Space] : Gas
[N] : Nitrous Boost

More Information

Totally there are 3 car levels, which will be available through the completion of a game: ordinary, chi might be seen everywhere in the streets, mediums, more rare but still not that much difficult to purchase in everyday life, and R class or supercars, which have no need in definition. On the first stage player is given intro sum of money to purchase the first car to begin. Races occur on the one-to-one competition basis to find out which of the two player is the best. Furthermore, in case player thinks that race was too easy, each level has the possibility to control the difficulty, so that you will never be able to say what an easy game. The car is controlled by space bar, responsible for acceleration, and arrow up key for speed shifting. Since the game is based on drag racing principle, shifting control is done manually, so be careful, dont miss the time or the engine will be burnt out. What is also interesting about the game, is the possibility to conduct modifications so that a player can change the car characteristics according to his preferences. If you are quick increase acceleration, though you will need to shift fast. Everything depends on you. So, to be brief, play Drag Racer V3 game and experience the maximum closeness to real car driving in terms of flash racing game.

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